By now we've heard it all.

Exercise to keep yourself healthy.

Lose weight and you'll lose some illnesses like diabetes.

Exercise to keep a healthy heart. 

But how many are aware that exercise can also reduce the risk of cancer? 

Many cancers have been linked to chronic inflammation in the body. 

Moderate exercise reduces inflammation.  

How dancing can reduce your cancer risk

JULY 6, 2015 By Tolu Oni

I know. I know. There are many reasons you can't exercise. There's no time left in the day after life happens. Maybe you're too tired. Or not motivated to stick to it.

Here's the deal. 

Exercise comes in all shapes and forms. The fun thing is you get to decide how you exercise. Gone are the days when your only choice is to go to a specific place with routine workouts. Exercise is any activity in which you move your body for a period of time. 

So if you love dancing, dance. If you enjoy the outdoors, walk, jog or run depending on your energy level. If you have a green thumb, garden or mow the lawn. If you like your environment organized, clean your house or other people's houses (as long as you get permission first.  You can make some money out of it as well!). 

I think you get the point. Whatever activity you enjoy doing that keeps you from being sedentary, do it. 

Now don't get me wrong, there are some that need specific exercises. For instance, physical therapy patients need specific movements to strengthen specific muscles.

But for the most part, do what you enjoy and it won't feel like work.  And you'll have fun while doing it.